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PA3283E GN

PA3283E GN

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Toshiba Laptop AC Adapter
Power Rating: 15V 5A 75W

Our Part Number:    

This Non-OEM Generic Replacement Ac Adapter Works With:

 Portege S100-S113TD, S100-S213TD, 4000, 4005, 4010, M205-S809, M205-S810, Satellite 1400 series, 1400-S151, 1400-S152, 1405-S151, 1405-S152, 1405-S171, 1405-S172, 1805-S203, 2400 series, 2400-S201, 2400-S202, 2400-S251, 2400-S252, 2405-S201, 2415-S205, 2450, 2455-S3001, 2455-S305, 2455-S306, 5005-S507, 5105-S501, 5105-S701, 5205-S505, 5205-S506, Pro 6100, Pro M10-S405, Pro M10-S406, 1410-S105, 1410-S106, 1415-S105, 1415-S106, 1415-S115, 1800-S206, 1800-S207, 1800-S256, 1800-S274, 1805-SERIES, 1805-S154, 1805-S177, 1805-S207, 1805-S208, 1805-S253, 1805-S255, , 1805-S273, 1805-S278, 2405 SERIES, 2405-S202, 2405-S221, 2415-S206, 2455 SERIES, 5005 SERIES, 5005-S508, 5105 SERIES, 5105-S901, 5205 SERIES, 5205-S119, 5205-S503, 5205-S504, 5205-S5151, 5205-S703, 5205-S704, 5205-S705, 5205-SP505, A10 SERIES, A10 SMALL BUSINESS, A10-S100 Small Business, A10-S100, A10-S1001, A10-S127, A10-S128, A10-S129, A10-S1291, A10-S167, A10-S169, A10-S1691, A10-S177, A10-S178, A15-SERIES, A15-S127, A15-S128, A15-S129, A15-S1291, A15-S157, A15-S158, A55 SERIES, A55-S129, A55-S1291, A55-S179, A55-S1791, A55-S306, A55-S3061, A55-S3062, A55-S3063, A55-S326, A55-S3261, M20 SERIES, M20-S257, M20-S257, SMALL BUSINESS, M20-S258, M30 series, M30-S309, M30-S3091, M30-S350, M30-S350 SMALL BUSINESS, M30-S3501, M35 series, M35-S320, M35-S3201, M35-S359, M35-S3591, M35-S3592, M35-S456, M35-S4561, M45-S331, M45-S3311, M45-S351, M45-S3511, M10 SMALL BUSINESS, SATELLITE PRO, 6100 2.2GHz, M15 SERIES, M15-S405, M15-S406, SMALL BUS SERIES, 1400 SMALL BUSINESS, TECRA, A1, A2, A2-S119, A2-S139, A2-S20ST, A2-S219, A2-S239, A2-S316, A2-S336, A2-S4372ST, A2-SP219, M1, S1, TE2100, TE2300, Tablet pc, 6000 & 6100 SMALL BUSINESS, Tecra 9000 & 9100, A2, A2-S316, A2-S336, A4, A4-S111TD, A4-S211, M1, M2, M2-S410, M2-S430, M2-S530, M2-S539, M2-S630, M2-S730, M2V, M2V-S310, M2V-S330, S1, TE2100, TE2300 ,R15, R15-S822, And Many Others!!

This NON-OEM Generic AC Adapter is the direct replacement for Toshiba 75W Global

Compatible Part Numbers:

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